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Rumors and gossip can be hard to verify. But we've created a Rumor Generator that allows you to test the veracity of these claims, so you can decide whether or not they're true.

What is Random Rumor Generator?

Random Rumor Generator is a tool that allows you to test the veracity of rumors and gossip. The rumor generator will provide several random rumors, which can be saved for later use. Simply select the rumor type from the list below and then click on "Generate Rumors" to see what your friends are saying. If you want to test the veracity of a rumor, click on "Test Rumor" and see what it says about the rumors you've chosen. If someone tells you that their cousin's brother-in-law has won $100 in an online lottery, but you're not sure if they're telling the truth, you can test it here.

Some Random Rumors:

• A local fireman was recently arrested for stealing an elderly woman's purse.

• The police found marijuana in the car of a man who committed suicide.

• The city council has decided to shut down the speed trap on the main street because it makes too much money.

• A small community college is planning to start offering classes in alchemy.

• The police are searching for a man who robbed the gas station last night.

• A couple of high school seniors have been suspended after they were caught having sex in the parking lot.

Random Rumors about actress and model, Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is an actress and model, who became known for starring as Juliet in the 2009 movie Love and Other Drugs and also for her roles in other movies and TV series such as Dear Frankie, Big Love, Big Time Rush, Love Actually and What Maisie Knew. She was born Amanda Louise Brown in Los Angeles, California, on October 26, 1987.

As of 2019, Amanda Seyfried is one of the highest paid actresses in the world, with a net worth of $5 million.

Early Life and Education

Amanda Seyfried was born on October 26, 1987, in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of James Brown, a TV repairman, and Julie Brown, a homemaker. As she grew up, Seyfried's family was split. Her parents divorced in the 1990s when she was four years old. She has a brother, Josh, born in 1989, and a sister, Amber, born in 1991. Her parents eventually got back together, after her father and mother divorced again.

When she was 10 years old, Seyfried moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with her mother, who was working there for about a year. At 13, she moved to New Jersey with her mother to live with her father, who is an artist. He is the reason why she is a great fan of painting, fashion, art, drawing and writing. She enjoyed going to museums and museums with her father. Her father passed away when she was 16, leaving a big impact on Seyfried. In 2014, the singer Taylor Swift dedicated a song to her late father on her album, 1989.

In 2000, Seyfried went to live with her mother in Los Angeles, California, where she stayed for another three years. Her mother was at that time an actress. Seyfried attended the Beverly Hills High School, and later went to a local high school. She moved back to New Jersey in 2003.


2004–2009: Career beginnings

Seyfried signed her first record deal with Columbia Records, making her debut as a vocalist on a 2004 pop/rock album with producer RedOne. Her debut single, "Hotel Room", was released in 2004. Seyfried's debut album, Some Girls, was released in August 2004. In 2005, Seyfried won American Idol. In January 2006, Seyfried released her second single, "A Moment Apart". The single gained success in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland, peaking at number two in the UK Singles Chart. Her debut album, The End of the World as We Know It, was released in September 2006 and peaked at number one on the Billboard 200, selling more than 474,000 copies in its first week. The album was certified 3× platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). A single from The End of the World as We Know It, "Hanging by a Moment", was released and became her first number-one single in the US.

Seyfried released two more singles, "A Night to Remember" in June 2007 and "Someday" in October 2007. The songs were also successes in the US and internationally, peaking at number one in the US. The End of the World as We Know It was re-released as The Best of Me in April 2008. Seyfried released two more singles, "Lucky" and "All I Know", in 2009. In 2009, Seyfried released two songs from her upcoming sophomore album: the first, "I Believe in Love" (taken from her upcoming album) featuring rapper Akon was released in January 2009. The song received positive reviews from critics, and eventually peaked at number one in the US.

Random Rumors about actress, Kaley Cuoco

She made her acting debut in the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” in 2007. She made her film debut in 2007’s “Bewitched.” She was in the movies “Knocked Up” in 2008 and the comedy “The Proposal” in 2009. She was in a couple movies with her husband, including 2011’s “The Big Year.”

She made her debut as a talk show host in 2012 on CBS’ “The Talk.” She was also a producer on the show and an executive producer on the comedy series “The Big Bang Theory.” She was a co-executive producer on the ABC comedy series “Grandfathered.”

In 2013, she returned to “The Big Bang Theory,” this time as a regular. That show, which is currently in its seventh season, has received three consecutive Emmy nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series. She made her last appearance in the series in the 2014-2015 season.

Last year, she hosted the 86th Annual Academy Awards. The show aired live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. It was the first time the show was hosted by a woman.

She also hosted the 61st Emmy Awards in 2016. Cuoco hosted the 64th Emmy Awards earlier this year, which were hosted by “Bachelor” star Chris Harrison.

She has a role on the CBS sitcom “The Late Late Show” as Kelly, the second-in-command to host Craig Ferguson. She made her first appearance on the show in 2015. She was a guest co-host on the program when the show announced she would be joining the cast. She is expected to be a regular on the show.

She is also a judge on the reality series “Little People Big World” and is slated to appear on “Celebrity Family Feud” this fall.

In 2018, she will return to the big screen with the release of the comedy “The Game Plan.” In the movie, she stars alongside John Cena and Rosie O’Donnell.

She is the founder of The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, which has raised more than $40 million for the San Diego Wild Animal Park and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Cuoco is the first woman to present the “Primetime Emmy Awards.” She also became the first woman in the history of the awards show to host the “Emmy Awards,” which take place next month in Los Angeles.

“The Big Bang Theory” has become a huge hit in recent years. The program has won two consecutive People’s Choice Awards for Favorite TV Comedy, and has also received three consecutive Emmy nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series.

The success of “The Big Bang Theory” has spurred new deals for the actors who play Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard and Raj. Last year, Jim Parsons was named as the highest paid TV actor.

“‘The Big Bang Theory’ has been such an incredible show to be part of. There is no other job I would rather have than playing Sheldon,” Parsons said in a statement. “I’m just humbled and grateful to have had the opportunity to share this journey with our great cast and crew.”

Parsons has also starred in the “Kaling-produced comedy” “The Amazing Race.”

Cuoco will be the first woman to appear on “Celebrity Family Feud” since Mariel Hemingway in 2013.

On Sunday’s episode of “Little People Big World,” which features Cuoco and a group of adults who are dwarfed next to the show’s cast, Cuoco is going head to head with co-hosts Bob Saget and Paul Reiser.